If you need more power, more torque, better throttle response or any kind of performance parts fitting and tuning then look no further than Motosyko'sTuning Centre.

If you want more power from your motorcycle but need pointing in the right direction one of our technicians would be happy to help.

When you bring your motorcycle to our dyno for a power run (power graph) one of our technicians compare your graph to similar engines of the same make and model with performance parts fitted. This allows them to show you in black and white what your engine should or could produce with similar performace parts fitted, or even completely standard engine to show power gains.

When you use our motorcycle tuning centre to have a performance part (race head,carb etc.) fitted we will create a power graph on our dyno before and after fitting. So you can see the power gains for yourself.

You may think and feel your engine is runing tip top, but belive us we can always improve somewhere along the lines.

For more information pop down or simply send your engine to us, we will happily provied you with all the nessasary power graphs and any recomendations.

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Dynamometer runs

Picture of Dynamometer runs
Part - Dyno

£35.00 (GBP)

Gas Flowing

Picture of Gas Flowing
Part - GF

£260.00 (GBP)